Rugged Input Devices Keyboard

with Trackball and Rugged Keypads


Rugged Design

MVP Series Keypads are used worldwide for access control, transportation, kiosks and many more applications that require durability and reliability.

Available in 1x4, 3x4 and 4x4 configurations with either an x-y matrix output or ASCII output with USB connection.



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Sealed metal keypads

Sealed Metal Keypads proven to withstand the elements.


Dimensions and Matrix Output

All models can be mounted from the front or rear with supplied mounting gasket..

Rugged Keypad Dimensions

Standard Output USB HID Device Keypads

Custom outputs and back lighting available on all models.

Rugged USB Keypad


Standard Keys

Shaded keys are available with LED backlighting.
CANC, ENT, CLR and the 5 key have raised figures.

Standard MVP Keys